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Preset, shoot and record like a pro! Get the inside scoop on handy tips and tricks to help picture lovers like you make the most out of your WIM camera experience.

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Tutorial 1 - How to take great pictures in the dark?

Because you love natural shots in low light, learn how to use WIM's dual camera to master the ambient light around you. WIM smartphone equips you just right to embrace the dark with low light optimisation

Tutorial 2 - How to take great pictures in the dark?

Know when you're shooting in a dark area and want natural photos? Watch how WIM Lite's camera optimises the light surrounding you. Now you can own the dark with low light optimisation.


Tutorial 3 - How to record smooth videos?

Stop that shaky clip in its tracks! See how to stabilise your video for smooth, steady recording on WIM and WIM Lite smartphone cameras. Get ready... steady... SHOOT!


Tutorial 4 - How to zoom & follow like a pro?

Now you can zoom smarter! See how to zoom in like a pro on WIM and WIM Lite cameras and follow with smooth transitions between wide and close crops. Get ZOOMING now!

Tutorial 5 - How to create cinematic effects?

Make clips like in the movies! Learn how to speed up with Time lapse in your chosen resolution on WIM and WIM Lite cameras. Check out how to go further on WIM smartphone, recording in 4K Time lapse and Slow motion. Get set for amazing effects!


Tutorial 6 - How to make your selfie pop?

As your selfies must leave a lasting impression, see how to add Crazy effects on WIM and WIM Lite cameras. Get the scoop on mastering Portrait blur, Face beauty and HDR. Make each selfie count!


Tutorial 7 - How to avoid ghost face selfie?

Eliminate selfie flashback for good! Watch how WIM and WIM Lite cameras come to the rescue for natural selfies in the dark using Low light optimisation and Soft light flash. Shoot and look great in the dark!


Tutorial 8 - How to capture great outdoor landscapes?

Love the wide perspective of a vibrant cityscape or lush landscape? Watch how to capture a panoramic shot in all its true glory on WIM and WIM Lite cameras. Happy 180° shooting!

Tutorial 9 - How to get artsy portrait?

Be free and unleash your creativity! See how to make full use of WIM's camera for artistically blurred photos or playful Live filters. Time to get artsy!

Tutorial 10 - How to get artsy portrait?

Love a touch of creative flavour? Check out how to spice up your photos on WIM Lite's camera with Live filters. Don't forget to say cheeeese!

Tutorial 11 - How to shoot directly in black and white?

Nothing is more timeless than black and white! Learn how to shoot directly in monochrome on WIM's camera to capture shadows, textures and tones. Create a B&W mood now!


Tutorial 12 - How to shoot like a pro?

Admit it... you love control! See how WIM and WIM Lite cameras put you in the driver's seat to adjust photo settings in Pro mode. Go further on WIM smartphone and shoot in RAW format for ultimate post editing on compatible software. Shoot photos like a pro!


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